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Not so Serious Fitness Retreat

These are the valid dates for 2023,  reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance. For more information, you can contact us.

phone:  +351 967 233 547   or  +351 937 393 987

From 400€

3 nights

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What’s Included with your stay:

  • 3 nights at Quinta Camarena with access to all the outdoor and common areas, pool, gym, gardens, and trails

  • 2 meals a day included.  We use local, organic and artisanal products only. Vegetarian and vegan options on request.

  • 2 workout sessions a day mostly outdoors with our certified instructor Maria, She will customize the training sessions to accommodate all levels.  Fitness sessions will be different each time and in different settings. You will get energized, and toned, learn a new exercise routine, and have lots of fun!

About the fitness classes

The program is available for all ages, physical levels, and body types. Our instructor, Maria, will adapt the classes to the needs of the group either if you are trying to get back or start your fitness routine, if you're recovering from an injury or sickness or if you are already a fitness enthusiast.  All the classes will be structured and guided to prevent any injuries and will balance strength, conditioning, and skill performance.  The workouts will take place in different scenarios and will follow different routines: mixing classes at the indoor/outdoor gym,  circuits along with the property, and exercises in the pool or at the beach. You will be challenged but always in a fun and safe manner. Your limits will always be respected and there is no competitive spirit. The goal is to spend a fun week while learning about your body and getting the basis for a healthy exercise routine back at home.

400€ shared double bedroom *

550€ 1 person private double bedroom *

700€ 2 people in shared bedroom *

*Payment of 50% when confirming by debit/credit card and the rest at check-in

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