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Whether it's a Family Gathering, Social Event, Corporate Event, or to host your own Retreat

We can help you organize your next celebration or reunion.  Reserve the entire property and have a private gathering just for your friends and family.  We will take care of or assist you with all the organization, as may need. 


The location, design of the property, peaceful environment and the nature around it, makes quinta camarena the perfect place for your next wellness retreat. 

We are fully prepared to support instructors in planning and executing their next retreat whether the focus is yoga, meditation, fitness, surf or any other wellness theme.  Our level of intervention depends on your needs.    


The GROUND is a platform strategically placed on top the hill, amongst trees giving you lovely panoramic views. The colors of sunrise and sunset from there are truly spectacular. You can use it for Yoga, meditation, fitness retreat, for a company brainstorming or presentation or as a dance floor. 


For your anniversary, birthday, small wedding, corporate event or any kind of celebration or just gathering the people you love.


Contact us. We would love to help you set up and customize your event and make it unforgettable.


Check our Escape Programs to join one of our scheduled events or get inspired by one of our signature programs. You can join in the scheduled dates or book it just for your group whenever is more convenient .

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