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2023  Schedule:

March 17-23

April 30th - 6 May

Nov 5-11

Dec 02-08

A holiday program that will stimulate mind and body.

You will learn the techniques of sculpting in stone, unleash your creativity and take home a piece of art made by you.  You will also have daily yoga classes and get to enjoy the local food& wine culture.  All of this while surrounded by the beautiful typical landscape of Alentejo.



What´s included:

6 nights stay @ Quinta Camarena with full access to the gardens, hiking trails, gym and pool

3 healthy delicious home cooked meals a day with local and organic products


Wine tasting throughout the week . Every dinner we will be presenting a different natural wine from a local producer


6 hours of daily classes of stone sculpting  with artist Peggy. In the end, you will complete 24 hours of workshop

Soap stone for your work. You will take the final art piece with you

All needed tools for the sculpting workshop are available at the studio.

Morning  energizing  yoga sessions on a open air environment surrounded by nature

Meet the artist: Peggy Berghaeuser-Rottler

Peggy was born in Germany and lived a bit all over the world. When she discovered Alentejo, she immediately fell in love with this region.  She has her own art studio in a beautiful villa surrounded by vineyards where the workshops will take place. She has run numerous workshops and exhibitions in Germany, Portugal, Rwanda, and the Antilles. Her other passion is winemaking and she personally curates her own vineyards and produces her own wine. 

We love her sense of humor and wittiness


What will be the program like?

Every day we will start with an energizing yoga class in the beautiful Yoga ground  followed by a delicious and healthy breakfast.

During the  sculpting workshop, you will find a nice assortment of soapstone at the studio.  You should take your time when choosing your stone. It is a very emotional moment and fundamental for the following sculpting process itself. During the duration of the workshop you will enter in a deep interaction with “your” stone. The combination of observing, perceiving and creating with the use of your own hands will lead you to a great emotional satisfaction. The working process includes various techniques of sculpting, sawing, shaping, grinding and polishing.

Food & wine play  are part of our culture and play an important role on this retreat. You will enjoy 3 daily meals always prepared with local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. On every dinner, we will present a different natural wine sourced by small local producers.


 1 person in private room: 1700 €

2 persons in 1 double room : 2900 €


Also available on other dates for groups. Price on request

Payment 50% when confirming by debit/credit card and the rest at check in

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