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Our Story

experience our happy place

Cam is originally from Los Angeles and Vera is Portuguese from Porto. We met while living and working in NY.  As New York City dwellers, we found ourselves devoting most of our free time to travel, mostly to places where we could surf and experience outdoor sports. We could have never imagined that our mutual love for travel and the beach would lead us to Alentejo, this amazing region, which we are now proud to call home. Having previously lived in many different countries and with friends spread all over the world, we understood that our connection to this place was a natural consequence of our journey. The decision to settle in Cercal was no small challenge as we removed ourselves from our careers and the comforts of our previously established lifestyle. There was definitely a time when we thought opening a private vacation rental in Portugal to host retreats was a far off dream. As we embrace this new chapter, we are honored and excited to share our dream home with you.

As we develop and keep working hard to make Quinta Camarena even more beautiful and comfortable to you, we don´t stop being surprised by the beauty of this region, the warmth of its community, the traditions, and the new amazing projects that keep popping up.

We also keep personally curating every single detail in the houses, rooms, and outdoor areas, so that every single corner has a history, that we will happily share with you.

What we care about at Quinta Camarena?

Sustainability is a way of life at Quinta Camarena. Our family has a deep respect and love for the region of Alentejo and we are passionately committed to protecting and preserving her to the best of our ability.  Gratefully, we are able to plant our roots here and carry a strong sense of social responsibility to our community. We are excited to share the authenticity and natural beauty of the land with our guests.



Reduce (waist), Re-use, Recycle


Regenerative  Forest


Ecological soaps and detergents


Solar Pannels for hot water

& Eletricity



noun_No Plastic_2818379.png

Avoid Single Plastic


noun_Reduce Carbon Footprint_23765.png

Minimize foot print


Privilege vegetarian meals


Responsible use of Water and Eletricity

noun_organic carrot farm_2688670.png

Organic Farming


Protect wildlife

noun_Light Bulb_1175028.png

LED Lamps


sustainable farming

Community farming


Inclusion and non discrimnation


Support local artisans

noun_Volunteer gardeners_860811.png

Volunteering program

noun_Community_3085822 (1).png

Prefer local, small and sustainable suppliers 


Donation to local organizations


Celebrate local cultural heritage

Animal Welfare


Pet frendly

noun_cruelty free_2596406.png

Prefer Cruelty free products 


Meat & fish sourced locally from trusted suppliers

noun_Horse_61980 (1).png

Support pro-animal local projects

Come breathe the countryside and beach air on your next Portugal vacation.



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