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About Quinta Camarena

Our Story

Experience our happy place

Cam is originally from Los Angeles and Vera is from Porto, Portugal.

We met while living and working in NY.  As New York City dwellers, we found ourselves devoting most of our free time to travel, mostly to places where we could surf and experience outdoor sports. We could have never imagined that our mutual love for travel and the beach would lead us to Alentejo, this amazing region we are now proud to call home. Having previously lived in many different countries and with friends spread all over the world, we understood that our connection to this place was a natural consequence of our journey. The decision to settle in Cercal was no small challenge as we removed ourselves from our careers and the comforts of our previously established lifestyle. There was a time when we thought opening a private vacation rental in Portugal to host retreats was a far-off dream. As we embrace this new chapter, we are honored and excited to share our dream home with you.

As we develop and keep working hard to make Quinta Camarena even more beautiful and comfortable for you, we don´t stop being surprised by the beauty of this region, the warmth of its community, the traditions, and the new amazing projects that keep popping up.

We also keep personally curating every single detail in the houses, rooms, and outdoor areas, so that every single corner has a history, that we will happily share with you.

Cam and Vera at the beach
Woman riding a bike
Man surfing
Our Story

Sustainable & Pet Friendly

What we care about at Quinta Camarena

Sustainability is a way of life at Quinta Camarena. Our family has a deep respect and love for the region of Alentejo and we are passionately committed to protecting and preserving her to the best of our ability. Gratefully, we are able to plant our roots here and carry a strong sense of social responsibility to our community. We are excited to share the authenticity and natural beauty of the land with our guests.

Sustainable Iniciatives



Animal Welfare

Sustainable & Pet Friendly
Be one with Alentejo


Discover Alentejo's Beauty

Experience the duality of Alentejo at Quinta Camarena. Here you can relax or play as much as you want! You can be one with nature and the warm community. You can wander and experiment. Gather and celebrate with the ones you love or have your solo traveler experience. There´s always something to do, but you can also just do nothing. Breath the fresh air, and let the stunning views take your breath away. In this stunning property of 4ha and surrounded by nature, you will have lots of space and feel secluded and safe as if

you´re in your private paradise.

There´s something about this place: The overwhelming nature that surrounds us and surprises us with its beauty, its smells, and sounds. The picturesque village of Cercal makes you feel you went back in time. The creative hidden pockets of a vibrant community that is building a new more sustainable way of life, or maybe is just going back to our roots. The flavors, like everything, seem so much more intense and unique here.


A morning hike, or a workout surrounded by nature, followed by the home-style brunch with local bread and fruit juice from our trees. Chill at one of the outdoor lounge areas or soak in the sun by the pool enveloped by the tranquility of the forest. Hear the songs of birds and bells of sheep in the distance. Enjoy homemade meals with local produce and regional wine while watching sunsets in vibrant oranges and fiery reds. At night watch the starry truly spectacular sky.

Alentejo view
Alentejo village view
Alentejo beach

Located in the protected area of Costa Vicentina, in Southwest Portugal, we are ideally situated among the countryside and the beach. Surrounded by nature, rolling pastoral hills with stretches of citrus, cork oak, and pine trees, it is a short 15minute drive to countless beautiful beaches, including some great surf spots. The closest being in the area of Vila Nova de Mil Fontes and Porto Covo.


The picturesque town of Cercal is a short walk from us and will make you feel as though you went back in time, giving you a true sense of the Alentejo way of life. Within a short drive, you will find small villages such as Santiago do Cacem, Odemira, Santo Andre, and São Luís; all full of nature, history, interesting architecture, and local artisans.


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