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Surf in Alentejo

Alentejo is famous for its slow lifestyle, people come here to relax and rest... however beneath this apparent tranquility, there´s a vibrant, out of the box community with numerous exciting projects popping up. Tradition yet progressive, old and new, slow & fast; it´s up to you to choose your pace and vacation mode. One thing is certain... you won´t lack options and you won´t get bored unless you want to...

Explore our Gardens

Romance in Alentejo
Nature hotel in Costa Vicentina
Friend´s vacation in Alentejo

Wander around the property and discover this unique ecosystem where wildflowers, aromatic herbs, oak trees, endless pines, citrus and many other fruit trees support and balance each other in an organic way. In constant evolution, this deluge of plants offers a unique reference point for the local environment and a source of inspiration and reflection. During your stay, we will be happy to provide a free tour of the property and tell you about our sustainability concept

Discover the Beaches

Malhao Beach
Sao Torpes beach

Abundant in wild beaches, raw nature, stunning sunsets, the coast of Alentejo is a top destination for all the beach lovers. Here there are beaches for all the tastes. From Melides to Zambujeira do Mar to the closest ones of Porto Covo and Vila Nova de Mil Fontes: from secret small bays to wide sandy beaches




Rota Vicentina
Biking rota vicentina

Explore the beautiful hiking paths along the Costa Vicentina, famous among the community of caminhantes and real trekkers. It will lead you through forest tracks, to towns and villages with centuries of history with access to beaches and fishing grounds. There are also extensive trails for bikers. We have space enough for you to keep your own bike and do some repair if necessary as well as we have bikes for rent. We can also arrange nature guided tours and bird watching




Art Santiago do Cacem

Immerse in the local culture, hear the stories of the elder community, explore the street markets, visit the Roman ruins of Mirobriga or the Medieval castle of Santiago do Cacem. Enter in all the small-town churches, appreciate the typical architecture and discover the artisans that keep the old traditions alive

Surfing,  SUP, Kayaking, Boat Rides

SUP Vila Nova de Mil Fontes
quintacamarena surf

It is never too late to learn, sign up for an individual or group class. Surf spots are pretty consistent throughout the year. We can also arrange for board rentals and have free space to keep your gear. SUP tours, rentals, and YOGA SUP available on request. As well as kayaking and boat tours both in the ocean or in the river Mira.




Hotel Gym outdoor

Use our indoor gym with an outdoor deck and exercise surrounded by nature. Have a run up and down the hills of the property. It will take your breath away both for the stunning views and to the intense physical challenge



yoga in nature
Yoga retreat in Portugal

Our yoga Platform is secluded in a quiet area on the top of a hill for your total tranquility. Only the breeze through the trees and the soft chirping of birds can disrupt your zen moment. You can use it whenever the space is free. We also can arrange yoga lessons, meditation, or sound healing sessions for groups with previous request in advance. If this interests you, check our upcoming retreats or contact us for more information. Either to participate or organize your own.

Horse ridding vacation

Horseback Riding

The adventure starts visiting a wild farm where pigs, goats, donkeys, and other animals live freely and happily. There, our partner Fernando will choose one of his beautiful horses accordingly to your skillset. You will ride through stunning landscapes, forests, hills, and a lake. There is a variety of options and durations of paths including a full-day ride till the coast. Fernando is an experienced professional and will ensure your safety and the animals. We don't support animal exploitation, this a project with lots of love, where animals are treated with compassion and respect.

Visit to Wineries 

Wine Tasting

Wine vacation Portugal
Hotel with Wine tasting alentejo
wine experiences Alentejo

Enjoy a full guided visit to small, local wineries. You´ll learn about their sustainable farming, local grapes, and wine production techniques. You´ll visit the vineyards, the lab, the wine cellar where you´ll hear about the mixes and the maturation processes. is a full learning experience where all the senses will be stimulated through the flavors, the aromas and the views.

Food Experiences

food experiences
market tours

Learn about the region and re-think the way you eat. Try delicious food and engage with the community that works on it through artisanal and sustainable processes. We have different experiences, depending on the availability of the producers and the time of the year:  Natural cheese or jam workshop, artisanal bakery or organic farm visit, exploring local markets, cooking lessons, and of course, tastings of all of these delights. 


Jana is a highly experienced therapist that does deep healing work through her fantastic massages. She identifies your fragile points and works on them with firmness and kindness. You will feel relaxed and revigorated at the same time.

If the weather is nice, you can even have an outdoor massage, in the middle of the forest. Is a unique experience.

Hotel with massage

Photo workshop


    Photo session

photo workshop

Learn about the techniques, sun exposure, the different kinds of lens, and other professional tips with Cam. Having worked as a professional photographer in NY for 20 years, he collaborated with some of the biggest names in the photography world, worked with numerous magazines and countless productions on the portrait of many celebrities.

You can also have your professional individual or group photo session and feel like a true star.


reading vacation

We curated a selection of our favorite books, in different languages, spread all over the property. Choose yours, grab a seat or find your spot under a tree or in a comfy hammock. This is your time to disconnect and ignore the outside distractions that have prevented you from enjoying that read.

Star Gazing

We are in an exceptional place for viewing amazing stars. We try to keep it that way by reducing the amount of outdoor lighting to a minimum, in order to allow guests to appreciate this natural spectacle. Go for a night walk or grab a chair and enjoy the view. 

stargazing Portugal
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