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Create Your Own Retreat

Please scroll down to the ABOUT section for details.  For Booking, select your desired dates, select type of room  (1 or 2ppl), then select the starting date in the calendar and follow instructions.  (If more than 6months  in advance, you have to scroll to the starting date and select day/time)

For more information, you can contact us.

WhatsApp +351 967 233 547   or  +351 937 393 987

From 1800€

7 Day

Select Date

1700 €

2900 €


Suggestions for your stay:

  • 6 nights stay @ Quinta Camarena with full access to the gardens, gym and pool

  • 2 healthy delicious home-cooked meals a day with local and organic products

  • Daily Yoga sessions

  • Stand Up Paddle on the River Mira

  • Surf Classes with gear

  • Visit some local Artists Pottery/Weaving/Leather

  • Guided Hike along the Costa Vicentina

  • Wine tasting and visiting a local wine producer

What will be the program like?

Embarking on a custom retreat week in Southwest Portugal with your crew promises to be a laugh-filled adventure with a side of zen. Picture this: you wake up to the delightful serenade of distant sheep bells, as if they're sheep DJ's orchestrating your morning soundtrack. Now, imagine your group contorting into yoga poses in a private shala hidden within a pine and oak forest, where the trees act as your very own audience applauding your attempts at downward dog. It's the perfect blend of zen and hilarity. As you navigate the local villages, don't be surprised if you stumble upon a quaint café where the locals raise an eyebrow at your attempt to order in Portuguese - a perfect opportunity for some language mix-ups and hearty laughs. Whether you're riding the Atlantic waves or trying to decipher the menu, each day promises to be a whimsical chapter in the story of your custom retreat, creating memories that will have you and your friends reminiscing with laughter for years to come.

1800 €1 person in private room *

2900 € 2 people in 1 double room *

Inquire about possible dates

*Prices are estimated and depend on activities and time of year. Payment 50% when confirming by debit/credit card and the rest at check in

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